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The Bombing of Victoria Terasse Foto: Frode Hansen

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9.1. Germany attacks Poland, with 1.5 million. Soldiers. Hitler claims that he only responds to Polish border violations. France and Britain have guaranteed Poland's borders and require withdrawal.

3.9. Britain and France declare war Germany.

11.09. The British expeditionary corps (BEF) lands in France.

17.09. USSR crossing Poland eastern border, in league with the secret Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact on the division of Poland, signed on August 23.

2709. Warsaw falls after 10 days intense bombardment, and the day after capitulates the Polish forces. Hitler and Stalin parts Poland between them.

08.11. Hitler survives a bomb attack in Buergerbraeukeller in Munich, the place where he tried a coup in 1923 . Eight veterans die. Communist Georg Elser is arrested for the assassination.

30.11. USSR attacking Finland. Winter War is a fact. 120,000 soldiers and 1,000 tanks participating in the attack. Helsinki gets bombed. Finns bites sharply against over power.

11.12. Soviet forces suffer heavy losses across the front.

14.12. Vidkun Quisling, the leader of the Nazi party friendly National Assembly, meets Hitler. Quisling asks that Germany protects Norway against the British.


16.02. "Altmark", a German tanker with UK POWs on board, seized and brought by the British warship "Cossack" in Jøssingfjorden. Six German sailors are killed. The humiliating incident is crucial for Hitler's decision to invade Norway.

17.02. The Soviets break through the Finnish lines on the Karelian Isthmus. Finns in retreat.

3.5. Stalin gives the order to massacre Polish officers. In Katynskogen are 21,857 Polish officers executed. Later accuses the Soviets the Germans for the massacre.

12.03. The Finns agrees truce. Finland must refrain throughout the Karelian Isthmus and a number of other areas of the Soviet Union. The country avoids however to become a Soviet sound-rich, as the Baltic states in 1939. The Soviet losses were 84,994, 25,000 Finnish men.

18.03. Hitler and Mussolini, Italy's dictator, meet at the Brenner Pass, and Mussolini agrees on Germany's side in the war.

3.4. German warship go out from Hamburg bound for Norway.

8.4. The British mine-layer Norwegian waters.

9.4. Denmark and Norway invaded during the night and morning hours. Overall attends 11,000 German soldiers in six groups.

4.9. The fortress Oscarsborg at Drøbak lowers cruiser "Blücher", the main ship in the German force to be occupy Oslo and take the king and government to catch. Between 320 and 1,000 Germans killed.

4.9. Danes capitulates at. 06:00.

9.4. During the day is Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Kristiansand obsessed, but the king and government escaped Hitler's forces.

10.04. The Swedes declare neutrality.

13.04. The British inflicts Germans large flåtetap at Narvik.

14.04. The British land by troops in Åndalsnes and Namsos.

2504. The government in exile create Nortraship in London to manage merchant. More than 1,000 ships thus takes part in the fight against the Nazis.

10.05. Fall Gelb: Hitler attacks the Be-Ne-Lux countries and France.

13.05. Churchill becomes Prime Minister of Britain. His famous sermon, "The only thing I can promise you is blood, sweat and tears."

28.05. Narvik recaptured from the Germans. Hitler's first defeat during the war.

01.06. The British withdrew from Norway, due to the crisis on the Western Front.

6.4. The British Forces (BEF), 224 000 men, France is evacuated from Dunkirk.

7.6. King Haakon and Crown Prince Olav boarding the British cruiser "Devonshire" in Tromsø and leave the country, together with the government.

10.06. Norwegian armed forces surrender for the German attackers.

11.06. The French Quisling regime in Vichy formed.

12.06. France requesting truce.

14.06. The Germans occupy Paris.

28.06. Hitler drag in triumph through the streets of Paris and allow themselves to be photographed in front of the Eiffel Tower.

3.7. King Haakon answer no to a request from Parliament's presidency to abdicate.

10.07. The fateful air made about Britain begins.

15.08. Violent air battles over England, but the British inflicts Germans heavy losses, 75 aircraft against 35 British.

20.08. Churchill keeps his famous speech to RAF pilots that "Never was so much owed by so many to so few".

13.09. Italy invades Egypt.

17.09. The British decodes messages that Hitler has called off the invasion of Britain indefinitely time.

25.09. Reichskommissar Josef Terboven banning all political parties except the National Assembly.

2709. Germany, Italy and Japan included Three Power Pact in Berlin. The term "Axis powers" occurs.

28.10. Italy attacks Greece from Italian-occupied Albania.


12.02. Lieutenant General Erwin Rommel, "Desert Fox", arriving to Libya, to help the Italians.

13.02. The German Africa Corps first troops arriving to North Africa.

06.04. Hitler invades Yugoslavia and Greece.

14.04. Rommel attacks Tobruk.

17.04. Yugoslavia capitulates to the Germans.

27.04. Greece capitulates to the Germans.

27.05 . The British lowers "Bismarck".

22.06. Germany invades the Soviet Union. Operation Barbarossa, history's greatest military operation will determine the war's outcome.

24.06. The German Einsatz groups begin mass murder of Jews.

31.07. Hermann Göring gives orders to implement the "final solution of the Jewish problem."

1.9. The Nazis directing Jews to wear yellow Star of David.

3.9. The first experiments with gas chambers in Auschwitz.

19.09. Kiev in Ukraine falls.

02.10. Operation Typhon, attack on Moscow, begins.

24.10. Kharkov fall.

05.12 . The attack on Moscow turned back. Stalin goes to counterattack. An important turning point in the war.

07.12. The Japanese attack the American naval base Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, and lowers a number of battleships. USA joins the Second World War.

11.12. Hitler declares the US war.


13.01. German submarines rages outside the US East Coast.

20.01. SS chief Reinhard Heydrich organized the Wannsee Conference outside Berlin, where the guidelines for the final solution of the Jewish question will be drawn up.

21.01. Rommel and Afrika Korps begins counteroffensive in North -Afrika.

1.2. State Act on Akershus. Quisling becomes minister president and forms NS government.

6.1. Mass murder of Jews begins in Auschwitz.

21.06. Rommel captures Tobruk.

3006. Rommel when El-Alamein, where the battle for North Africa will be decided.

17.08. First American flyraid against Germany.

2.9. The British General Bernard Montgomery driver Rommel back at El-Alamein.

13.09. The Battle of Stalingrad begins.

08.11. The Americans invade North Africa.

26.11. 522 Norwegian Jews shipped with catching ship Donau to Auschwitz. Altogether 767 being deported. Only 30 survive. Today Only Live: Oslo-man Samuel Steinmann (91).

13.12. Rommel retreating from El-Alamein.


2.2. The German 6th Army under Friedrich Paulus capitulates in Stalingrad. Hitler's first massive defeat. Symbol strength of the defeat is important for allied morale.

16.03. Battle of the Atlantic races. 27 merchant ships being sunk by German submarines during the four days.

19.04. The Jews are rebelling in the Warsaw ghetto. Rebel turned brutally down May 16.

9.7. The Allies disembark in Sicily.

24.07. The British bombs Hamburg. There arises a deadly firestorm.

25.07. The fascists crash in Italy. Mussolini is arrested. Marshal Badoglio negotiate with the Allies.

11.09. The Germans freeing Mussolini, creating Salo Republic in northern Italy.

28.11. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill meet in Tehran. Stalin would have allied landings in the west.


22.01. Allied landing in Anzio, south of Rome.

15.02. The Allied bombs the famous monastery of Monte Cassino in Italy and puts it in ruins.

5.6. Rome released.

6.6. D-Day. The Allies go ashore in Normandy, after the world's largest amphibious operation.

13.06. The first German V-bomb falls over London.

22.06. Exactly 3 anniversary of Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union starts Stalin its biggest military offensive, Operation Bagration. The operation destroys the entire Army Group Centre and the Germans lose half a million man.

20.07. Operation Valkyrie, the assassination of Hitler fails. The manager Claus von Stauffenberg and his fellow conspirators executed.

24.07. The Soviets release the first concentration camp, Majdanek in Poland.

25.08. Paris is released.

17.09. Parachute Operation Market Garden, Bernard Law Montgomery bold attempt to conquer key bridges in the Netherlands, penetrate right into Germany from the north and get Americans forestalled. The operation will be a failure.

16.12. The Battle of the Ardennes, "Battle of the Bulge"; Hitler's last major offensive in the west, which aims to achieve a separate peace with the Western powers. The offensive is crushed after initial progress.


17.01. Soviet conqueror Warsaw.

18.01. SS forces 60,000 prisoners in Auschwitz-Birkenau on a death march westward. 2/3 of them die on the way.

26.01. Auschwitz is liberated by Soviet troops.

4.2. Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill meet at Yalta. Europe's future is determined.

13.04. Dresden bombed and destroyed totally. Enormous civilian casualties.

12.04. The Allies frees concentration camps Buchenwald and Belsen. The terrible human suffering they reveal, shocking the whole world.

12.04. Franklin D. Roosevelt dies, Harry Truman becomes the new US president.

21.04. The Soviets when Berlin.

28.04. Mussolini becomes hung in Milan by partisans.

3004. Hitler commits suicide in the bunker in Berlin.

5.7. Nazi government of Germany armies surrender unconditionally.

8.5. Liberation Day. World War II in Europe is over.

8.6. USA drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

9.8. USA release the second bomb over Nagasaki.

14.08. Japan capitulates unconditionally.

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