From a safe distance, the family bids farewell to coronavirus victim Anthony Schilizzi, 75.
In the streets, ambulances race in nonstop shuttle traffic.
At the White House, outbursts against “fake news” are replaced by harsh realities.

American Standstill

In locked-down New York City, checkout clerks are as careful as they can be.
Tiffany Teasdale stays open, even though the governor of the state of Washington wanted to close all gun shops.
Tiffany believes she is following orders from the president, who advised the weapons industry to continue operations.
People feel the need for protection in the pandemic, resulting in increased gun sales.
Father Brian Mahoney hears drive-through confessions outside a Catholic church in Massachusetts.
Cellist Jodi Beder holds daily concerts on her front porch to comfort her neighbours.
Homeless people issued outlined spots in a Las Vegas parking lot.
An empty hotel in Seattle offers hearts.
Neighbour Bryant Watson helps Curtis Brown, whose house was damaged by a tornado in Arkansas.
No one was injured by the tornado because people stayed home during the pandemic crisis.
In Brooklyn, hundreds of Orthodox Jews mourn a rabbi who died from coronavirus complications.
More than 181,100 people have tested positive for coronavirus in New York State.
Mary-Lou McCullagh, 83, celebrated her son's birthday by wearing these special glasses.
The next day she shows them off to neighbour Axel Stirton, 2, behind the safety of a windowpane.
Farmhands harvest squash in Florida.
Demand is declining so some food ends up on the trash heap.
The sector fears a prolonged crisis because people aren’t eating out as often.
In Los Angeles, people have been ordered to stay home.
Well-wishers and friends gather on the street outside the home of former U.S. Marine nurse Ruth Gallivan to help celebrate her 104th birthday in San Diego,
The rail hub Oculus at the World Trade Center is usually a hive of activity.
The new choreography of street life.
In this Brooklyn park, six feet is the distance between health and illness.
In Los Angeles, parked school buses create patterns.
Waiting in New York for a refrigerated truck to haul the dead from the Brooklyn Hospital Center.
People give blood at the Richard Nixon Library in California.
The American Red Cross reports that the pandemic has led to a serious blood shortage.
A coyote keeps the right distance, nearby Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.
Sailors transport a patient across the brow to be admitted aboard the hospital ship USNS Mercy in Los Angeles.
The ship is deployed as a referral hospital for non-COVID-19 patients currently admitted to shore-based hospitals.
Days are tough at a Brooklyn hospital.
So far, there have been 8,627 confirmed deaths in New York.

  • Torfinn Weisser (graphics)
  • Svein Kjølberg

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