See the nothern lights from your own living room: Watch the nothern lights 24/7

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Have you experienced or seen the Northern Light? If not don´t worry. VGTV now gives you live coverage 24/7 from Tromsø in Norway.


Without trying to win any prizes for speed or action this coverage aims to give viewers the next best thing to actually being there.

To capture this magical display a sensitive camera has been mounted permanently on the rooftop of the Nothern Light Observatory in Tromsø.

The next best thing

Renowned as a fantastic viewing angle by those that have visited Tromsø, this same view can now be enjoyed as the next best thing from the comfort of your own lounge room.

Recently VGTV experimented with this concept, producing a 4 hour expose. The timing of this vision could not have been better. During these short number of hours the spectacular phenomenon appeared, producing the renowned dancing silhouette in the sky.

Watch the full show here:

The Northern Light has both been the victim of horrifying myths as well as romantic legends. Locals recount one such myth where waving of a white flag underneath the light may result in the light abducting them. Conversely, every year many travel north to conceive their children under the Northern Light believing it will make the children more beautiful.

Most wanted

Last year, the Northern Light was awarded the activity most British people would like to see before they die. Where this spectacle beat other well known wonders such as; The Great Wall in China and even the Pyramids in Egypt. Furthermore, in 2013 the Northern Light in Norway was awarded the most desirable travel experience by Lonely Planet readers.

As a result tourism to the region has boomed, and is likely to rise even more due to increased solar system activity during this winter season.

Unfortunately, inclement weather and patience are just about the only things that can hinder viewing this miracle. Where this is exactly the reason VGTV have embarked on this ambitious project.

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