“I was obviously slim enough to get into it, but not slim enough to get out”

IN NEED OF HELP: The man tried to climb out of the toilet on his own, but gave up and requested help. Foto: Photo: DRAMMEN REGIONAL FIRE DEPARTMENT (DRBV)

Stuck in public toilet tank for one hour

Cato Berntsen Larsen (20 years old) tried to pick up a lost cell phone from the public toilet, but got stuck.

  • Magnus Braaten
  • Kari Tone Flågen
  • Ivar Brandvol
  • Øyvind Engan
  • Ingvill Dybfest Dahl
  • Mathias Ogre
  • Terje Bringedal (foto)

Artikkelen er over tre år gammel

“I was obviously slim enough to get into it, but not slim enough to get out. I was down there for one hour, and it was very unpleasant”, Larsen says to the local newspaper Drammens Tidende, which was the first news medium to report the story.

The public toilet is not connected to the sewer. It is an old-fashioned outhouse with a large tank underneath the toilet seat.

VG meets Larsen outside the local emergency room in Drammen, a city in southern Norway, close to the capital Oslo.

“It was disgusting as hell. The worst thing I have ever experienced. Animals were down there too. I will never enter a toilet again. Now my body hurts, and I will go home and get some rest”, he tells VG.

SAVED: Cato Berntsen Larsen. Foto: Photo: TERJE BRINGEDAL

Lost cell phone

Larsen explains that a friend of him lost his cell phone into the toilet while using it. The two men quickly agreed that only Larsen was slim enough to have a chance to climb into the tank.

Seconds later he was standing at the bottom of the tank, with feces up to his thighs.

“I panicked. I hate confined spaces. It was difficult to move”, he tells VG.

MARKS: Cato Berntsen Larsen was not seriously wounded, but scratched his shoulder while trying to get up. Foto: Photo: TERJE BRINGEDAL

Out of service

His friends called for help.

“We received an emergency call at 07:58 AM, regarding a man stuck in a toilet tank. We sent a fire truck with four men to the location. It took them about ten minutes to get the man out. The fire personnel had to demolish the toilet. It is now out of service”, Kristin Rødnes at Vestviken emergency central tells VG.

At the emergency room, Larsen's wounds were cleaned. He also received antibiotic treatment.

Section manager Kristine Høibraaten in Drammen municipality says that this is the first time anyone has fallen into the toilet tank, after it was installed in the 1990s.

“The tank is normally emptied only once a year. This is a very sad incident. Normally it shall be very difficult to fall into this toilet”, Høibraaten says.

DEMOLISHED: This is what the public toilet looks like after the rescue. Foto: Photo: VEGARD AAS/PRESSE30.NO

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