Tonight you can (hopefully) watch the northern lights live on TV

Are you among those dreaming about experiencing the northern lights? Today we hope you can do so from your living room.


The Norwegian online broadcaster VGTV starts a live coverage of the amazing green phenomenon at 9 pm, local time (look further down in the article for times in different parts of the world).

From the roof of The Northern Lights Observatory in Tromsø, the largest city in the northern part of Norway, host Nora Thorp Bjørnstad will guide the viewers through several hours of breathtaking and informative television.

Special equipment

Thorp Bjørnstad will be joined by a northern lights scientist and one of the best northern lights photographers in the world. Together they will tell you all you need to know of the Aurora Borealis (the northern lights) and how to take good photos of it. Something that is not easy to do.

- Everything will happen live. It will be cold, arctic color television. It will be unique and very fun, says Thorp Bjørnstad.

And if for some reason, bad weather or other, the beautiful light does not appear, VGTV has arranged for Per Stian Sara, a representative of the indigenous Sami people, to come and sing a traditional «joik» to lure the northern lights out of hiding.

You will also meet tourist who has come to Tromsø and Norway to experience this winter wonder, and you will be able to see how Norwegians ride their reindeer.

HOST: Nora Thorp Bjørnstad will be the host of VGs live broadcast of the Northern Light. Foto: Photo:Jan Petter Lynau,VG

VGTV will use to special equipment to make sure that the cameras catch the light in a proper way. Live producer Chris-Håvard Berge says as far as he knows this has never been done on live TV before.

- Therefore we really hope that we can show some great shots of the northern lights, says Berge.

The videos you are used to seeing of the northern lights are timelapses, still pictures taken with long exposure times lined after eachother and sped up.

Recent advances in camera technology has made it possible to capture the lights in real time. We hope to be able to show you the northern lights as they are - like you would experience them in real life.


Northern Light tourism has become increasingly popular in Norway the last few years. More than double the amount of people comes to the northern part of our country this winter than only five years ago.

In fact last year experiencing the northern lights were the activity most British people told they would like to do before they died. Even before seeing The Great Wall of China and The Pyramids in Egypt. Also the readers of Lonely Planet placed northern lights on top of their list over travel experiences they wanted to do.

So if you are one of those, but do not have the chance to come to Norway yourself this is your chance to see the northern lights live on TV. The broadcast starts at 9pm Norwegian time, and will continue for several hours in to the night, depending on the weather.

Here is little teaser of what we hope to be able to bring you live: The northern lights captured in realtime.

Here you can see when it starts in different places around the World:

Los Angeles: 12pm (noon)

New York: 3pm

Rio de Janeiro: 6pm

London: 8pm

Paris: 9pm

Moscow: 11pm

New Dehli: 1am

Bangkok: 3am

Tokyo: 5am

Sydney: 7am

BEAUTIFUL: Northern lights and stars dancing on the sky at Lyngen, Troms. Foto:Øyvind Nordahl Næss,VG

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