They have been waiting for 100 years: What is in the mysterious package?

The first mayor in Sel kommune in Norway wrote «Can be opened in 2012» on a package from 1912. Friday the mystery will finally be revealed.

Denne saken handler om:

Johan Nygaard then decided to give the package to the administration of Sel in the late 1920s. They got the package on one condition: You can not open the package until 2012.

And the encouragement has been followed. No one has opened the mysterious package, and no one has any idea what's in the package.

But tomorrow the towns big secret will finally be revealed.

VGTV will be livestreaming the event all day friday,  tune in here ! The package will be opened at 6pm CEST (4pm GMT/UTC).

And they further on have no idea why they have been waiting for a hundred years before they can finally reveal the content. And what's in it? A secret message? Old coins? A mysterious letter? Gossip about the local people? Or is it a bad joke from mayor Nygaard?

The package weighs 3.1 kilos, is 40 cm wide, 28 cm deep and 9 cm thick, and is safely placed in one of the Gudbrandsdal museums. The package is sealed. Previously it has been placed in both archives and vaults.

The package, which has survived both World War 1 and World War 2, has been moved around in the city Otta several times. It's just a coincidence that the package has not been lost. Several times it has actually been lost, but luckily it has always been found.

Kjell Voldheim works for the Gudbrandsdal museums. He is one of the two people who are opening the package tomorrow afternoon.

- We have no idea what's in it! It is incredibly exciting! There may be historical documents in it. Or maybe it's "The Blue Star" diamond from the Titanic, which sank in 1912, he says to VG.

Professor of history at the University of Oslo, Gro Hagemann, defines the period of the early 1900s a as a time of great changes in Norway.

- Norway was characterized by optimism and growth. In addition, the country had a newfound freedom and self-awareness after being an independent country in 1905, she says to VG.

She thinks it's great that Sel kommune has taken care of the mysterious package from 1912.

- It may contain something that was a scandal in the political life in 1912. Alternatively, it may be a social issue, such as someone having a child outside marriage. It must include information the mayor found interesting enough to publish, but sensitive enough having to wait a hundred years to be revealed, Hagemann says.

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